Which Creature will win a ‘22 WSL World Title?

  The Creatures team has three surfers in the WSL finals this September. Three! As we enter the boiler room of Trestles for ‘22, everyone...

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Young Creatures

What do Young Creatures do? They find things they love and dedicate the time older peeps wish they had. Surfing with power and style are...

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Look who just made the tour!

Hitting the WSL World Tour as a contender is every grommet’s dream. Before that dream can be realised though, there’s an insane amount of training,...

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Jay Davies on Stress Leave

As the year ends it’s time to cut and run from work, get away, reconnect and blow off steam in the ocean. This latest Jay...

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How do you wear your Leash - OVER or UNDER?

We opened up this discussion on our Instagram and it's been a super charged topic - Should you wear your leash OVER or UNDER your wetsuit leg. Let's break it...

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What Does It Take To Win A World Title?

Talent. Focus. Confidence. Maybe even a healthy dose of luck. Thousands of surfers over the years have had dreams of winning a world title. Yet,...

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The Evolution of The Surf Leash

The story of the surf leash can be captured in the life of one person - John Malloy. While John wasn’t the only one using...

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Surfers Not Street Children

We’re big believers in the positive power that surfing can have on people’s lives. Everyone at Creatures has felt that impact so personally that we...

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Rising Star Molly Picklum Joins The Creatures of Leisure Team

Two-time Aussie champ, pro-junior champ, and rising QS star Molly Picklum has joined the Creatures of Leisure surf team. The deal, which will see Molly...

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