Griffin Colapinto Experiences SUPERLITE

Posted by Kristian Whittaker on


Dynamic surfing requires dynamic product, so when we handed the new SUPERLITE leash over to world tour surfer Griffin Colapinto, he made sure to give it a proper thrashing, through all types of maneuvers and wave conditions. Safe to say he loved the new addition to the Creatures leash family.

When you're competing at the highest level of surfing, and logging free-surfing sessions that drop jaws, your equipment always needs to perform. From Griffin's barrel skills to his aerial game, SUPERLITE's weightlessness, reliability and comfort accompany all aspects of his surfing. 

"The new SUPERLITE leash is insane. It’s really comfortable on the ankle and feels like there’s nothing attached to my leg. There's also no drag when paddling."

-World Tour Surfer, Griffin Colapinto


 Explore the new SUPERLITE Collection here.  

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