SPIRIT, starring West Australian Tube-Hound Jay Davies

At the heart of the surfing spirit is the hunt to get pitted. Venturing into the desert with its cold nights and scorching days. Flying into the tropical dream of Indo with its sweaty aromas and endless perfection. Relentlessly checking the waves around home. 

Jay Davies surfing

If there’s anyone who embodies this spirit it’s Jay Davies…

“The feeling I get from a good day of getting chewed is the most satisfying feeling in the world.”

In partnership with filmmaker Tom Jennings and Stab, we’ve helped put together some of the most heart-thumping, jaw-dropping, sphincter-clenching moments Jay has experienced on his hunt in the last year. 

Even with COVID forcing Jay to get a ‘real’ job, he still lives and breathes it...  

This is SPIRIT

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