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A Creature Of Leisure

Unbreakable Legacy

In 1974 John Malloy landed in Yallingup, WA with nothing more than a surfboard and a backpack. He discovered the raw waves of the Indian Ocean were the perfect testing grounds to create an unbreakable legacy. One that would revolutionise surf hardware through pioneering innovation. Enjoy A Creature of Leisure - The John Malloy Story.

Innovation Timeline

The history of John's greatest innovations and inventions.


After experimenting with several leash materials including gas station bell cords, John Malloy discovers and introduces urethane to the market, regarded ever since as the world's best cord material.

Old time surfboard leash
Creatures of Leisure ad from the 80s


John Malloy officially starts Creatures of Leisure selling Leashes and Boardcovers that were all made in Yallingup, Western Australia. He had been innovating surf equipment for almost a decade already.

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For the first time, Creatures make bodyboard specific leashes and hardware with feedback from team riders like Tim Jones, Rick Bannister, Matt Riley and Warren Feinbier.

Image of the first traction pad


Creatures launch into Traction pads made in Perth, Australia with the original Square-Loc pattern.

1998 ad for traction pads


Creatures first Signature team pads are made for the likes of Taj Burrow, Jake Paterson, Luke Egan & Shane Powell.


Mick Fanning's first Signature pad is released into the market. It has become the most successful pad in Creatures history.

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John invents a long-lasting swivel that won't seize up in saltwater. The Stainless Steel Bearing Swivel with acetal plastic remains industry standard in the best surf leashes across the globe, no matter what the brand.


Industry first design creates boardcovers with a Slim-Fit. Providing an expandable sidewall and streamlined template that reduced up to 20% bulk and weight.

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Drawing of a surfboard leash


Creatures releases the DNA Flex Mould. The world's first cord to mould connection absorbing wave impact, increasing strength, and reducing breakages. Return rate near went to zero once introduced. It was the brand's first patented innovation which still remains today.

Velcro on surfboard leash


Surefire Leash Release - The introduction of the first urethane-coated release tab which permanently stays open and accessible.

close up of surf leash attached to ankle


Non-Slip Cuff - Just like the name suggests, the Non-Slip Cuff is spongy, light and super secure. It stays comfortably on your ankle without rotating from side to side.

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Thermo-Lite Technology is first introduced to Creatures of Leisure traction. A lighter, thinner traction which wins SBIA Surf Accessory of the Year in 2019.


The lightest, strongest boardcover material in the market is introduced. DIAMOND-TECH® Fabric is a triple laminated, tear-resistant, water-resistant, abrasion-resistant woven fabric exclusive to Creatures of Leisure.

Close up of Geniune Diamond Tech Fabric patch
Open surf leash


Three decades of surf innovation is combined into one incredible leash. The SUPERLITE leash is the lightest, most comfortable leash in the world.

Built For The Future...

Inspired by John's legacy of always improving, Creatures is dedicated to shaping the future of reliable surf equipment.

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