How do you wear your Leash - OVER or UNDER?

We opened up this discussion on our Instagram and it's been a super charged topic - Should you wear your leash OVER or UNDER your wetsuit leg. Let's break it down!

For years, UNDER was the norm. More streamlined, fits snugger, less rotational slippage. UNDER was a scientific given. But, with non-slip cuffs emerging and Surefire Release tabs allowing for safe exits in heavy situations, the case has tipped in the favour of the OVER camp. Anyone who still wears their leash under their wetsuit leg may just be doing it from habit, or because it’s what older seadogs used to do. 

To blow this issue wide open and get you thinking about what you should really do, here’s a rundown of the main arguments in each camp. 


The fit of a leash directly onto skin can feel like things are more secure.

It offers a more streamlined look.

If you get water (or wee) flushing down your leg, under cuffs won’t block the flow.

Mick and Italo wear their leashes UNDER their wetsuits.


It’s much easier to rip your leash off in case of emergency should things get hooked on a rock, or your board is acting as an anchor. (*Note - this fact is a huge plus for the OVER side)

It’s marginally quicker and easier to put your leash on over. 

It’s better for your wetsuit (no stretching/tearing).

It stops cold water from flushing up your leg (under makes it more likely). 

Over allows leash swivels to do their job freely with less tangles or twists.

Looking at the above list, it definitely seems much better to go OVER these days. The overall function is better, it’s safer, and it’s easier. Two of the key reasons for UNDER are more about psychological and aesthetic gains. While they can’t be discounted, it’s the bloated wetsuit leg that’s probably the strongest argument for UNDER. If your leash is on top though, it’s pretty easy to loosen the cuff, let the water flush through and resecure. Unless your wetsuit is really prone to leaks and flushes (or you’re flooding wee in your suit every five minutes down that exact leg), we can see a really strong case for the OVER camp.

The OVER crew includes Jack Freestone, Nat Young, Griffin Colapinto, and Ethan Ewing.

Although the majority agrees, the UNDER camp have a seemingly cult following. Whatever you do, have fun and tear it up!

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