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SurfEars Release Their Best Kid's Ear Plug Design Yet

The fight to get groms to wear earplugs in the water just got way easier. SurfEars have launched their JUNIOR 2.0, which uses all the tech developments in their adult’s earplugs to make things more comfortable, better fitting and easier to use. The plugs are designed to help prevent common problems all surfers face, like swimmers ear, surfers ear (exostosis) and regular ear infections. 


“I wish I had plugs like this when I was a grom,” says pro surfer and SurfEars ambassador Conner Coffin. “If there was something around that I actually wanted to use, I wouldn’t have the problems I now have with my own ears. I’d for sure encourage any kids and parents to make them an essential part of their surfing set up.”

The improvements to the SurfEars kid’s earplugs for surfing include…


The JUNIOR 2.0 has been redesigned to fit and feel better in the ear. There’s now an asymmetrical design for left & right ears. The sound canal points both forward and upwards, creating a more natural fit. 


Two interchangeable silicone tips come in the one pack, meaning they can be fitted better to smaller or larger ears. Better yet, as groms grow they can move from the smaller tips to the larger ones, getting longer life from the one set of plugs. (Fits most kids ages 5-12).


The silicone tips have been redesigned to achieve a better seal while also increasing wearing comfort. They are thinner, softer, and conform to the shape of the ear more easily. 


JUNIOR 2.0 has a better acoustic performance, thanks to a larger active mesh area which lets in sound without letting in water. The groms can claim their last ‘sick barrel’ to all their mates while feeling like they’re being heard and hearing the responses. 


The necklace keeper for the plugs has been adjusted for quicker and easier attachment. Just like the adult’s plugs, the ears are now colour-coded too, making it easier to remember to put the right plug in the right (or left) ear. 


SurfEars JUNIOR 2.0 comes with a high-quality silicone pouch that helps store the plugs safely and hygienically. There’s even a carabiner clip on top making it easy to attach inside backpacks so things don’t get lost. 


The packaging has been reduced to a bare minimum, using recycled paper and vegetable ink for minimal carbon footprint. A better way to ensure our planet stays cleaner for the groms as they grow.

All of this amounts to an easier way to ensure young surfers avoid the need for potential ear surgery for surfer’s ear later in life, as well as reducing the chance of frequent ear infections, which could keep them out of the water. Funner times. Safer times. For longer.

To grab some for the grom now, head here.

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