Stash & Surf!


When the waves are cooking we'll do anything it takes to get into the water as quickly as possible. Sometimes that means tossing our keys under our car tires, burying them in the sand, hiding them in a bush or even tossing them into our board shorts or wetsuit. 

After a few waves it'll likely cross your mind the whereabouts of your car keys, whether they're secure and how the hell you'll get home for dinner if someone pulled a quick one on you and stole your wheels. It might not happen often, but rest assured it happens to surfers all over the world ever day. 

Lose the worries of stashing your keys in random places and keep them locked up with our new exclusive Creatures stash lock. Simply toss your key into our stash lock, flip the code, flip the lid and go. Designed to keep your keys safe and your mind at ease so you can enjoy your surf to the fullest. 


Heavy duty, water resistant

Close proximity key blocking pouch

Resettable combination

10,000 possible lock combinations

Corrosion resistant stainless steel shackle

Scratch resistant EVA backing for vehicle protection