Rasmus King puts our leash to the ultimate test!



Rasmus King, one of our most progressive and stylish young groms put one of our leashes to the ultimate test. He was visiting Southern California from his home of Byron Bay and just got done surfing Lowers. His parents picked him up from the beach and they headed back to their hotel. 

They jumped into the elevator on the first floor, pressed the button for the third floor and started going up. Suddenly Rasmus felt a pull on his surfboard and noticed his leash was caught in the elevator door on the first floor. Rasmus had to sit down on the elevator floor and have a serious tug-a-war to stop his board tail from being crushed against the floor as he climbed to the third floor. 

He made it to the third floor, where his mom sprinted out of the elevator and grabbed a sharp knife from their hotel room. She sprinted back to cut the leash string while the doors were still open. With a quick cut the board was released from the leash and the leash violently sprung down towards the first floor. 

Rasmus and his parents took the elevator back down to see if the leash was still outside the door, which it was..still in one piece. It stretched over three floors high but hadn't snapped! Rasmus now has a 25 foot long comp leash for his next session out at Shipsterns. 

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