Surfboard Traction Pads

Surfboard Traction Pads

Traction Pads for Surfing

Traction pads are a key tool of the trade when it comes to surfing. The better the grip, the more control you have of your surfboard.

Creatures of Leisure offers a wide variety of unique and reliable tail pads for surfing. From high performance, techy traction pads to bare bones entry level grip for new surfers. We offer traction pads for all types of surfboards. Explore the collection below.


      Proto 1.4™

      Built for the future. We worked with world champs Mick Fanning & Italo Ferreira to revolutionize the gold standard in traction. Re-inventing traction through molded technology, Proto 1.4™ provides the worlds first multi-directional grip pattern.

      Signature Traction Pads

      Designed and developed by the worlds best surfers, our signature traction pad range is where personality meets performance. Griffin, Ethan, Italo, Jack & Mick take decades of surf experience and inject their best into grip. What could be better.

      EcoPure Traction

      Less impact, proven performance. As a dedicated B-Corp, it's our duty to make environmentally responsible product. Our EcoPure traction pad features an organic additive and biodegradable foam. Same rock-solid surf gear, surf after surf, trip after trip.