Get Your Grovel On | Mick's 'Eugene' Traction Pad

Unless you live within a stones throw from a picture-perfect wave pool/uber-consistent beach break or reef pass, chances are a percentage of your weekly surf sessions involve groveling. The grovel sessions make those pumping days even more sweet. While often times frustrating, they serve their purpose and it's best to be prepared to grovel when the time does come. 

When the conditions do call for something with more volume and zip, our 'Eugene' traction pad has your name on it. 'Eugene' is a 3-piece traction, and Mick Fanning's alter ego pad, designed for small wave boards with a wider and squarer outline. Mick helped us develop this template for some of his non-traditional shapes that he has been riding; fishes, twin fins and the fresher designs he has been testing out. 

"The 'Eugene pad is a little bit wider, has a bit bigger kick and fits on boards with a bit wider tail - perfect for a groveler or something a bit funner than your average day board" - 3x world champion Mick Fanning

While Mick tends to ride the 'Eugene' on alternative crafts, he's also been tossing them onto his signature MF softboard models. Our EVA formula ensures they stick properly to that softboard material. 

Additional Features Include

10mm Diamond Arch with Chisel Cut Construction / Dual Layer Construction

Square Loc Traction Pattern

30mm Alpine Kick

3M Adhesive Backing

Creatures Exclusive Lightweight Premium EVA Formula

Looking for more traction knowledge? Boardtalk banter between Mick and his shaper Darren Handley; the two discuss the 'Eugene' traction pad as well as Mick's other signature grips and what boards suit what traction pads. 


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