We surfers can seem a weird lot for those who don’t understand the obsession of riding lumps of water on planks of foam. Getting up in the cold and wet to get colder and wetter. Travelling all over the planet chasing rides that might last 30 seconds at a time (if you’re lucky). Caressing a new board like it’s some kind of special cat. It’s all a bit unusual. 

To help those that might be unsure what to get their friends or family of the salty persuasion, we’ve put together an easy surfers gift guide of 10 things surfers love. 

Here are 10 things surfers love...


Kids and adults alike love these cosy bits of fabric. They keep you dry, warm, and help you get changed easier without showing off your tricky bits. The grommet ones come in fun prints and the adult options come in fluffy cotton or velvety velour. 

Get your head in a hoodie towel here.


The convenience of remote central locking for cars has created a problem for surfers - where do you put the key? Stash them on the car and risk someone finding it? Take it in the water and for a soggy short-circuit? The Surf Lock solves that dilemma with something that’s heavy-duty, secure and even blocks ‘close-proximity’ keys. It keeps your gear safe while you enjoy some stress-free time in the sea. Find it here.


Another handy item for the surfer’s car to avoid wetsuits dribbling salt water - The Multi-Purpose Surf Bucket is made with waterproof materials with taped seams to chuck your wet gear in and carry with ease. It can even double as a beer-chiller by sliding in some ice and tins and hitting the Sunset Bar. Buy a bucket here


Speaking of buckets... a bucket (hat) for your head is a great idea as a summer gift for surfers. This little number has a comfy chin strap to keep the thing on, even during duck dives and wipeouts. For the slightly more fashion conscious surfer, there’s also a regular surf cap version that’s lightweight and fast drying. Find that number here.


Surfing boat trips, fishing, or jetski sessions. If you’re doing any of these things you’ll need a dry backpack that stands up to not just showers, but proper submersions. The Creatures S/Lock Dry Bag is our top bag in this area. It’s rated at IPX8 Waterproofing, which is a fancy way of saying it will go 1.5 meters underwater for half an hour without any moisture getting in. Shop dry bags here.


As every trucker on the planet has once said, you can’t have too many tie downs. Great for securing boards to your roof, using for a tip run with your trailer, or tying a cheeky grommet to a pole at the beach so he can’t come out and steal your waves. Get your surf straps here.


Sox in a box. No, this isn’t a Dr Seuss rhyme, it’s what every surfer wants for Christmas. The faithful board sock is an absolute staple to help protect your board in the car, on a scooter in Bali, or in the board rack at home. If you go camping and forget your sleeping bag, it’s way better curling up in one of these than using leaves as a blanket too. They even come packed in an easy to wrap box. Shop sox.


Some call it a leash, some call it a leg rope. We’ve even heard of people calling them shock cords. We don’t know why. Whatever you name it, these absolute essentials keep your board attached to your leg, avoiding unnecessary swims and keeping others safe from flying fibreglass projectiles. If your surfer friend wants something with less drag, this is a great option. Otherwise you’ll find Creatures’ bestselling general purpose surf leash in the Reliance Pro 6.


There’s one surf grip pattern that’s won more world titles than any other - the Creatures’ Square Loc (Mick Fanning x 3, Steph Gilmore x 7, Italo Ferreira x 1, Chelsea Georgeson x 1). Discover Creatures signature range options for those wanting what their favourite surfer uses, with some eco-conscious options in the mix as well.


Ahh wax. If ever there was a perfect surfer’s stocking filler for Christmas this is it. It’s affordable, small, and forever in demand in beach carparks - “heeeeeey, can I borrow some wax?”. No need for feeling like a scab. Stock up and stocking stuff here. If you’re not sure about the best wax to get you might find our wax/water temp guide handy too.

So that’s it. 10 things surfers love - the ultimate surfer’s gift guide. Now it’s all about getting in early to make sure things are shipped on time, or waltzing down to your local surf store to pick something up in person. 

Here’s a locator of the best surf shops in Australia to help you on your way.