Surf Leashes You Can Trust

 The waves are pumping, your mates are pulling up in the parking lot and the sun is shining. What could be better? In a mad flurry of flying wax, fin keys and sunscreen, you’re out there! The paddle out is a breeze and before you know it, the wave of the day swings your way.. You’re late and deep but undeterred, you’re going anyway, what’s the worst that could happen? Despite watching edits of Mick threading the needle at Kirra all morning, things didn’t quite work out the same… Your leash breaks and your board has a one-way ticket to the rocks – session over. 

Reliable equipment is what separates a memorable session from a post-surf car park meltdown. We take our surf hardware seriously, we are in the business of keeping you in the water, threading tubes with friends, not swim-training only to find your board on the rocks with more holes in it than a slice of swiss cheese.

Make no mistake, the Creatures leashes are the highest quality, most durable and dependable leashes on the planet. You have enough to worry about, don’t put yourself in a position where you’re worrying about your equipment, leave that to us.

Check out the technology behind our upcoming 2018 leash range and keep your eyes peeled for the release in early January!

Urethane Cord

42 years in the making. Creatures of Leisure founder, John Malloy, first introduced the use of Urethane to the market in 1976 - regarded ever since as the world's best leash cord material. Using the world's highest grade raw material, we have been fine-tuning our formula ever since. The 2018 collection of leashes are the perfect blend of stretch, strength and durability. 

2 year warranty

That's confidence, ay? Our crew trusts the durability of our leashes so much that we are standing behind our product and offering a 2-year warranty on faulty workmanship and defective materials. It might be time to replace old faithful with one of our most innovative release yet!?


DNA Flex Mould

Patented technology? Yup, we got it. Where a leash cord and cuff mould join is a typical weak point for all common leashes. Our leashes are anything but - featuring the DNA Flex Mould we make the world’s first cord/mould connection that stretches together with the cord when under pressure absorbing wave impact which resists breakage. 


Stainless Steel Bearing Swivel

Yet another world first, the bearing swivel is virtually unbreakable. This feature will help eliminate leash tangles for the life of the leash, so you’re not wasting time sorting yourself out in the lineup. The swivel is self-lubricating and made of stainless steel so it will never jam or corrode no matter where you take it. 

Non-Slip Cuff

Patent pending. Using specifically designed, engineered neo-mesh material, the Non-Slip Cuff prevents the cuff from rotating on the ankle - a common headache with regular leashes. The durable, spongy material also creates a firm and comfortable fit and has a lighter and thinner cuff construction. Melding high quality materials and durability with maximum comfort and function. 

Surefire Leash Release

Making for quick, easy release, all Creatures of Leisure leashes feature the Surefire leash release tag, a permanently upright injection moulded urethane tag which is easy to pull especially in an emergency situation.. The ergonomic design has permeation holes which allows the flow of water and reduces weight making it as far superior release tag over a standing webbing loop. 

Leash Lock

The Leash Lock is a 70mm panel of customised, high strength, marine grade injection moulded hook and weave Velcro. The Leash Lock is lighter than general Velcro and 50% stronger.  Stay locked and secure so you’re not chasing your board around the beach. 


No matter what types of waves you ride, whether it's outer reefs or playful beachies, Creatures of Leisure leashes have you covered. Shop our current collection below and keep your eyes peeled for our new 2018 range in early January!

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