Revolutionary Ear Plugs for Surfers

The ocean is one massive playground. The joy of being in and around the ocean is unprecedented. We try to never take it for granted, and while it brings us immense happiness, it can also bring us pain in many shapes and forms; most of which is incalculable. 

Due to it's unpredictability, the ocean requires us to be a prepared bunch. We rely on our senses during times of trial and tribulation and part of that is maintaining the health of our ears. Keeping your hearing finely tuned is an often overlooked yet crucial part of any enjoyable surf session. There is no better way to look after your ear health than using SurfEars. 


SurfEars is the worlds first ear plug that helps your ears without affecting your hearing. Created by surfers and engineers from Sweden, SurfEars 2.0 is specifically designed to let sound in, while keeping water out. 

The product utilizes unique acoustic mesh specifically created to let sound through while blocking out water, cold air, dirt and bacteria. 





Protecting your ears from the elements, SurfEars help prevent common issues like ear inflammation or bone growth in the ear canal, known as surfers ear. 

Cleverly designed with interchangeable parts, these ear plugs for surfing can be customized to fit perfectly in your ear to create maximum comfort while surfing.

At the end of the day, the ocean provides us our happiest times and we want to enjoy it as long as we possibly can. Just listen to 2x world champion surfer Tom Carroll, as the product single-handedly turned his ear issues around..

Finally, after a long & painful period of avoidance, my left ear was surgically cleared of exostosis (surfers ear) two years ago and my right ear almost 99% blocked and now booked in for surgery. “SurfEars” couldn’t have come at a better time in my life.
My doctor took one look at the product and his face lit up with joy…finally something he can issue to his never ending surgical roster of surfing patients…which is specifically designed to give us the ability to hear and engage with others while protecting ourselves from this extraordinary, natural response from our bodies to protect itself, again THANK YOU!! "

Global SurfEars Ambassador
Tom Carroll