Steph Gilmore wins her 8th World Title!

The Undisputed Greatest Of All Time!
We asked Steph Gilmore a little while ago what it takes to be a world champion.
Her answer?
"I’d say a few different ingredients make a world champion, including but not exclusive to, a balance of dream, desire, ego, respect, spiritual connection and always being open to emotional adventure!" 
It was definitely an emotional adventure at Trestles this week, when Steph surfed from 5th position, to become the 2022 World Champion, stepping one above Layne Beachley as the most titles for a female in history. Ever. She is officially the undisputed GOAT! 
For us, the day itself was a microcosm of what it takes to be not just a champion, but the greatest of all time. She never gave up. She believed it was possible. She surfed heat after heat after heat against the odds, winning all the way. In her first match up against Carissa Moore, Steph was even comboed at one point. Still, she didn’t doubt. She just dug in, tore Trestles apart with that smoothly savage forehand attack of hers and rose to the top. Talk about emotion. Steph was also gracious in victory, saluting Riss as the true surfer of the year. What. A. Champion.
We could go on forever about how much of a legend Steph is. Instead, we’ll simply say, congratulations. A victory well deserved, Steph. We salute you!

To check out what kind of Creatures equipment Steph rode on her way to victory, head to her favourite’s page here.

Steph at Backdoor. photo: Brian Bielmann