Light, Strong & Dependable, meet our Genuine Diamond-Tech Boardcovers


What really matters when it comes to boardcovers? They gotta be be light, they gotta be strong and they better be dependable. Three simple characteristics of a boardcover engineered to travel. 

Travel doesn't always mean trains planes and airports. It could just mean a mission up the coast. Whether it's hunting waves in your own backyard or hitting the road to some random atoll in the middle of the pacific we love every single aspect of getting out there and exploring.

No matter what kind of travel time your logging, taking care of your boards is paramount. Our boards are our lifeblood. This means your boardcovers gotta have your back. They need to keep your quiver fresh while enduring whatever ride you and your boards are taking to get to that end destination.

When you hit the road and you're worried about the livelihood of your boards, it's gotta be Diamond-Tech, just ask Mick..

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