A leisurely chat... with Australian surfer & DJ Dimity Stoyle

Welcome to the first edition of A leisurely chat, an ongoing series where we acquaint you with the ecclectic collection of creatures that we're proud to call family.

From day one, we've always stood for authenticity. Each story will give you a genuine perspective of what the Creatures crew is all about. While their lives may revolve around wave-riding, they're way more than just surfers. And no better place to start than a dual-threat from the Sunshine Coast. 

To stand out in the surfing world you've gotta bring your own flare and personality, which these days isn't easy.

Cue Dimity Stoyle; surfer by day, disc jockey and all-around good time bringer by evening. She spent two years on the world tour and is working hard to get back onto tour this year.  Until then you can find her ripping through Gold Coast point breaks and spinning rug-cutting records.

Before the competitive season hit full blast we caught up with Dimity to talk about what she's up to, her top surf locations, biggest achievements and what's next for 2018.

You can't teach style, just ask Dimity

Where did you grow up surfing? Has that shaped the surfer you are today?

I grew up surfing on the Sunshine Coast and the Gold Coast so I’m not scared of surfing with crowds, I hate cold water and I love right hand point breaks!

Where do you call home these days?

I live on the Sunshine Coast but every time I’m home from traveling I don’t want to be anywhere else but the Gold Coast. There is waves all day everyday and I have lots of friends to surf and hang with all the time. So I basically live there now!

Your top three surf locations, go!

Australia - I’ve travelled to lots of places that I love but I can’t think of surfing anywhere better than home! We have the best waves in the world and the cleanest beaches and water you can’t beat it!

Mexico - is always so much fun! It’s warm, there are fun waves everywhere and the people are really nice, so are the Margaritas!

Bali - I love Bali. It’s so crowded these days but there are so many waves all over the island you just have to time it right and you can score! Plus it’s always a fun time over there!

Dimity, motorbike adventuring around Bali

So what are you listening to these days? 

I’m so into Disco! I’ve been DJing a lot lately at a few different places. I love playing lots of old disco, funk, 80s and 90’s classics mixed with house.

 One food for the rest of your life, what's it gonna be?

I feel like I'm Japanese because I can eat sushi everyday and I love it!

What do you love most about the lifestyle you lead?

I'm loving surfing everyday and competing! I've also been getting so into music and DJing, I love it! It's so much fun and it's the best job I can do while I'm traveling and competing in surfing. 

Shimmy Disco, bringing the funk

What's your biggest achievement so far - that moment when you hit cloud nine?

There’s been a lot of amazing moments that I’ll never forget. One of my favourites would have to be my first ever heat on the world tour at Snapper, I got to surf my favourite wave in the world with 2 other girls in the water. I got 2 snapper bombs and won the heat! After that moment surfing on tour was the only thing I wanted to do!

Do you have any favorite Creatures products?
I'm loving how light the new grip pads are. DHD does the best job of making my boards super light so to have the grip super light as well makes a huge difference. Front deck pads are cool too! 
Fresh blade, fresh grip; they go hand in hand.
Any crazy product stories?

I have never snapped a Creatures leggie! Creatures have been looking after me since I was 13 years old so you can imagine how many old legropes I have stashed in my garage haha!

You've already achieved heaps, what's next for you in 2018?

I really want to get back on the world tour! The 2 years I was there were the best times of my life so I want to get back there surfing the best waves in the world and hanging with all of my friends on tour!


Dimity looking comfortable and ready for 2018

Give us one final word, the word that sums you up the best...

Shimmy Disco!

Treat your ears to some Shimmy Disco and follow along on Dimity's adventures @dimity