6x World Champ Packs & Preps for Life On The Road

The world tour offers up a bounty of amazing waves in every nook and cranny of the globe, which requires mobility and continuous transit from the worlds best surfers.

From her hometown on the Gold Coast to her California pad and all across the globe on tour, Steph puts some serious miles on her equipment, especially covers. They keep her quiver fresh and her mind at ease, an often overlooked aspect of surf travel and adventure. 

Most surfers are last minute packers. We prefer to toss everything in a bag and just go, fingers crossed the waves turn up. That's why we need reliable equipment that can go the distance. But what about the world's best? Do they have nuances to packing for long-haul trips on tour? How do they approach the long legs like Europe?

Steph grants you access to her little bag of prepping secrets. Tune in as she walks through her packing routine, what goes into her bag and why she doesn't really need to stress about going on the road for months on end. 

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