3 Most Underrated Surf Accessories

Fins, leashes, wax, traction, boardcovers. It’s a bit of a no-brainer when it comes to the top 5 surf accessories. But, what about the unsung heroes that core crew rave about? Those things maybe you’ve seen but haven’t tried, or just haven’t even thought about. This post uncovers the top 5 most underrated surf accessories that solve problems every surfer encounters at one point or other…

Wetsuit Bucket

Anyone who’s gotten changed out of a wetsuit in a sandy car park will know how gold these things can be. No more searching for a patch of green grass or a rock to perch on, the multi purpose surf bucket folds up neatly in the back of your car, ready to be pulled out and thrown down at a moment’s notice. Get changed standing inside it and to keep your wettie sand free. It's waterproof so you can keep your wettie in there until you get home and it keep leaks on your upholstery at bay. An all-round lifesaver. 

Grab one of these handy buckets here.
Creatures of Leisure Wetsuit Bucket

Hoodie Towel

These initially got made for kids, making it easy for parents to cover them at the beach. Then, a few adults went, hang on a sec, hands-free coverage for your rig against chilly winds? Take my money! Great to sit in on the drive home, ready to have a shower and thaw out. Not fashion item #1 that’s for sure, but 100% fluffy function more than makes up for it.

Check them out here.

Creatures of Leisure Surf Poncho


Surf Hats

We get it. They can look kind of naff. No pro has ever worn one in a heat, that’s for sure. But, surf hats are a major staple for Indo warriors and freckly shredders around the world. There are a few things you want to think about when getting a good surf hat. Is it comfortable? Is it light? Is the brim going to actually offer some shade? This humble surf hat covers all bases. A core surf accessory to have in the trip bag.

Stay shaded here.

Creatures of Leisure Ultimate Surf Hat

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