Mana with surfboard in front of rocks

Jay Davies



      Jay Davies, the freesurfing freak from Yallingup, Western Australia, is a big kid with a big heart. With his Navajo - Australian roots, his stature is large, although his surf froth and general stoke for life we’d say, is much larger. Jay’s a laidback giant whose nature is typical of a country Australian - Friendly, easy going, and loves nothing more than being with his mates, or behind the wheel of his Landy, free to explore his backyard for secluded waves.

      Jay grew up surfing the raw, remote coast of Western Australia, in particular the wave / wine rich region of South Western Australia. Surfing so many different world class wave types, has resulted in Jay owning a very well-rounded surfing repertoire. Tubes, airs, man-turns and the love of cold water slabs makes Jay a stand out on any given day and his experience and deep knowledge of the area more often than not sees Jay in the right spot at the right time. 

      With the Creatures of Leisure HQ located within 5 minutes of Jays home, he’s the perfect test pilot for any new product development. Having Jay on our doorstep not only allows our product to be tested in the most rigorous of conditions but also allows us access to immediate feedback – an invaluable step to the process of building the world’s most functional and reliable surf hardware. Oh, and did we mention Jay lives in a tree house?