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Reliance Front Deck Dual

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The Reliance Front Deck Dual combines our Flat Cord + Ribbed Cord Arch traction. Providing aggressive heel and toe traction with low profile arch. Match it back with your favorite tail pad.

<h6>RELIANCE FRONT DECK DUAL FEATURES</h6> <p>DUAL Traction: Cord + Ribbed Arch - Traction Pattern</p> <p>Flat Pad</p> <p>3 Piece</p> <p>3M� Adhesive</p> <p>Responsible Packaging - Recyclable + Biodegradable</p> <h6>RELIANCE FRONT DECK DUAL�SPECS</h6> <p>L - 395mm (15 5/8") </p> <p>W - 375mm (14 3/4")</p>